Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear Dog Owners

Dear Pet Owners,
(residents who do not practice social responsibility of scooping and carrying plastic bags + residents who let their dogs out without leash)

Year now is 2011 hence I would like to keep it short and simple, it is high time all pet owners especially dogs behave like educated and socially repsonsible individuals.

You are now in a gated community hence please behave responsibly and do not do onto others what you do not like being done to you.

Sad to say but after all these years we are still getting such complaints.

A residents email to me...................

I'm owner of TMP 6 and very frustrated has to bring up this issue again.

Every morning i wish to walk out my door and have a nice fresh clean air and environment but this is what i get. Rubbish mess up in front of my house by the dog released by those irresponsible owner and dog poos on the left and right of my house and neighbor's house too. Sometimes right in front of my back door. Happened once i smelled a horrible stinky smell when i opened by back door....... a huge fish head a step away from my feet. I almost vomited.

It's kind of annoying to see that all the time and the smell too. I really appreciate if management could take some actions to remind all the pet owners in written to either keep their pets in door or they really take responsible to clean up their pets poo.

Guards should take charge to inform the management or the owner if they see their pet wondering around. Guard should know by now those pets belong to which owners if they really do their job paying attention guarding this area. I can remember some of the pets belong to which house for only passing by and if guards can't, we should seriously consider whether there are really capable to keep this garden safe?

Sorry for the complain but i really upset and hope and appreciate management can resolve this matter ASAP. Let us live in a nice, harmony and safe community.

Thanks and warmest regards

SP Lim


  1. I agree. Pet owners please be considerate to thy neighbours. Be a responsible pet owner. It is pretty obvious that you let your pets out to ease themselves simply because you do not like them pooping within your compound. Well, guess what? The feeling is mutual with thy neighbours. If you have the need to let your dogs ease themselves outside, by all means do so but please accompany your dogs and bring a plastic bag to scoop their poop. Please do not blame the strays as ever since we have changed the fencing, there have not been a single stray dog within our taman.

    Of late, my dogs and I can hardly enjoy an evening walk in the park without having to avoid booby traps in the park. Guys, please bear in mind that the park is not a dumping ground for your dogs. THINK OF THE CHILDRENS HEALTH. We would not want MPSJ to one day ban all our dogs from taking a stroll in the park. But if owners have the mentality of not picking up their dog poops, I foresee that MPSJ will one day ban all dogs from entering the park.

    What is so bad about picking up after your dog? Afterall, if you have had children, you clean their poop after a big doo doo. Poop is poop regardless of where it comes from. So please, lets all set an example by keeping our neighbourhood free from poop!

    If u cannot be responsible for your dogs poop, then DO NOT HAVE A PET as you are not fit to OWN ONE!!!

  2. If i ever dogs poop around, ill b asking the owners to show it in thier mouth or better ill poop in front of thier house at night. Dont think i wont do, DARE ME!


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